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Spokane high-school kid launches 67-yard field goal

A Central Valley High Schooler kicked the second longest field goal in national high school history on Thursday night.

Doug Pensinger

Being a kicker on a high school football team lacks the dramatics and flair that a lot of other positions provide. Unless you kick the second longest field goal in high school history.

That is exactly what Central Valley High School kicker Austin Rehkow did in a quiet Spokane, Washington suburb on Thursday night. Rehkow blasted a 67-yard field goal to tie Shadle Park High at 55 points as regulation expired. CVHS would go on to win the game 62-55.

It is important to note that what Rehkow did wasn't state history - it is national history. According to the record books, the longest is a mere 68-yards long by Dirk Borgognone of Reno, NV in 1985.

Funny enough, Rehkow appears to be a "power" kicker of sorts. He has only made 50% of his field goal attempts going into the game, but has clubbed kicks of 52 and 56 yards.

The kicker has received a partial scholarship offer from Eastern Washington, but Thursday's news is bound to bring at least a bit more attention - if not from the nation than at least from outside the county.

Washington State? University of Washington? Perhaps. Either way, the kid deserves a shot somewhere. Because the NFL record is only 63 yards, and last anyone checked, that is less than what Rehkow kicked on Thursday night.