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Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus Get 2011 Masters Started With Ceremonial Tee Shots

There's nothing quite like watching two legends of the game tee it up one more time to officially start The Masters. Arnold Palmer brought the tradition back in 2007 after a brief hiatus, hitting the first tee shot on Thursday to begin the tournament at Augusta National before Jack Nicklaus was invited to join him in 2010. Ahead of the first round of the 2011 Masters, the two teed it up at Augusta at 7:40 a.m., much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Here's video from this morning, which captures the excitement of the two on the first tee at Augusta National.

Palmer still has the engaging personality that made him a fan favorite in his playing days. From the intense look on his face as he tees off to the excitement at a great shot in the ceremony left a smile on this golf fans face. The 81-year-old still has it, both physically and mentally.

Even years past his prime, Nicklaus still has that distinctive swing and impeccable ball striking. Pairing Palmer and Nicklaus together was an obvious choice, and is a throwback to the old days of golf, when the two dominated the game in ways nobody else quite can.

It may be a thrill for Palmer and Nicklaus to open The Masters with the ceremonial first tee shot, but it's just as much of a joy to watch the two enjoy themselves and partake in the tradition.