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Chip Kelly: If you're going to stop the run, we'll throw the ball

Chip Kelly spoke about his potent Oregon Ducks offense on Tuesday.

Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It's hard to find problems with your offense when you win 49-0. But the Oregon Ducks only averaged 4.3 yards per carry against Arizona last week. Coach Chip Kelly doesn't care too much.

The explosive Ducks offense averages 5.7 yards per carry on the 2012 season but ‘struggled' a bit against the Wildcats defense. But as Kelly said, you can stop the run but you have to focus on the pass too.

"We don't look into the specific aspects if they're taking one thing away, they can't defend it all. I'm really happy with how we threw the ball. If you're going to devote nine guys and try to stop the run, God bless you, and we'll throw it."

The Ducks will be going up against another pass-happy head coach in Mike Leach's Washington State Cougars on Saturday. In Leach's first season with the Cougars, he has them at 18th in the nation in passing yards per game at 313.8 yards per game. The Ducks only throw for 267.3 yards per game, but they rush it for 303.8 per game - good for seventh in the nation.

Facing such a pass happy offense, Kelly isn't taking the 2-2 Cougars for granted.

"I think they're always in the game because of Mike's offense. He's been known as an offensive innovator. They score a lot of points...I think it's a real formidable foe that we're going up there to play, especially because of what he does."