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Oregon State Vs. UCLA Preview: Keys To A Beavers Victory

The Oregon State Beavers have a chance to climb into the rankings with a victory over the No. 19 UCLA Bruins. SB Nation's Oregon State blog Building the Dam has a post up detailing some of the keys to making that happen, and one of the things multiple commentators point to is the need for touchdowns over field goals:

The Beavers' offensive efficiency simply needs to improve; scoring 10 points while gaining 350+ yards won't get the job done this week. For this to happen, Trevor Romaine needs to find some consistency, because the game could easily come down to 3 points....The offense got the ball up and down the field against Wisconsin, but once they got over midfield they had more trouble with third downs. To beat a very potent UCLA team the Beavs need to put up more points on the board and then means finishing drives.

There's a lot more in the full post, including keys to the game on defense and thoughts on UCLA's defense, so don't miss it.

Stick with this StoryStream for score updates and more from Oregon State vs. UCLA. For more insight and analysis, check out Oregon State blog Building the Dam. For the perspective from Los Angeles, check out UCLA blog Bruins Nation.