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Tennessee Tech Vs. Oregon 2012: High Praise For Defense and Thomas From Addicted To Quack

Falling behind 7-0 to the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles not withstanding, the Oregon Ducks cruised to an easy 63-14 victory Saturday, a performance that drew praise from the Oregon faithful, which expects the type of throttling performance the Ducks delivered.

Over at Addicted to Quack, the guys had high praise for Oregon's defensive effort in their final non-conference game, although penalties continued to bug the Ducks.

Dion Jordan and the defensive line came at Lamb again and again and limited Tennessee Tech to 176 yards on the game, and more importantly, 1/17 on third down conversions. Unfortunately, that production came with a price. Oregon's defense was called for a number of personal fouls.

De'Anthony Thomas continued to impress, putting up more than 200 yards of total offense on just 10 touches.

De'Anthony Thomas amazed again, with a number of spectacular runs. He talled 220 total yards on 3 rushes, 3 receptions, and 4 returns. He scored two touchdowns, but was denied a third when a Tennessee Tech defender caught DAT as he slowed near the goal line and knocked the ball out.

If anything, some criticism was reserved for the offensive line, which looked underwhelming at times.

The main issue for the offense was the offensive line play. They failed to get a push for much of the first half and racked up multiple penalties that made it difficult for the Ducks to keep drives going. The Ducks also had a field goal blocked.

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