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The Daily 12-PAC: Is Oregon Using Success To Line Its Pockets? WSU Keeping It Simple, Scholarship Math & More

Welcome to the Monday edition of the The Daily 12-PAC. Today we take a look at the rising cost of being an Oregon Fan, the simplification of being a Cougar, scholarship counts at OSU and HUSKIES - real ones.

You know the drill.



Most of the news coming out of Seattle today (and over the weekend) surrounds the Men's Basketball team and the NIT Final Four, but here at the DTP we don't mess with hoops. So, with no football news we thought you'd wanna learn about REAL huskies instead.

Dogs 101 - Siberian Husky (via bandage024)


Ducks Looking To Cash In On Success

Here's a thoughtful post from FishDuck on the rising cost of ticket prices for Oregon fans. The post is essentially a defense of the increased cost.

With success comes higher demand for tickets, and with high demand comes to opportunity to make a buck - and the Ducks are doing just that. Despite being one of the top profiting athletic departments in the county, Oregon is raising ticket prices by 13% compared to 2011's cost.

USC did the same thing when it experienced great success under Pete Carroll, so this is nothing new. The difference then, was that the economy was booming. Now? Not so much. But hey, who cares about the fans when it's all about the almighty dollar.


Leach Simplifying WSU Offense

The TNT ran a story this morning on the simplification of Washington State's offense under new head coach Mike Leach.

The entire system is now using less verbiage and less signaling, essentially allowing the players to play loose and fast, without having to think. It's a great concept, one that I myself held when I was coaching. And I can say first-hand, that players loved it too. Check out the article to read more about it, as well as the notebook from the Cougs' most recent practice.


OSU's Scholarship Count

Oversigning isn't just an SEC thing. It happens everywhere, including the PAC-12.

Here's a look at Oregon State's scholarship count, and as you can see, they are scheduled to be over the 85-scholarship limit when falls rolls around. Attrition likely will still occur, and the Beavers will end up at or below 85. However, some schools abuse this practice and use it to get rid of kids who haven't "panned out' as they'd hoped.

It's probably safe to say that isn't the case in Corvallis, but the schollie numbers will be something to keep an eye on.


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