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The Daily 12-PAC: UW's New Practice Plan, WSU's New Stadium, Checking In On UO TE David Paulson & More

The Daily 12-PAC is back. After a few days off to devote our efforts to March Madness, we are back with the college football news you crave. In today's edition we examine Washington's new practice philosophy, check in on WSU's stadium upgrade, get an update on Oregon TE David Paulson's draft preparation and get a legal update about one of Oregon State's players.

You know what to do.


UW Football Adopts New Practice Philosophy

It was announced that Washington would be conducting spring practices at 8:00am, and according to 710ESPN's Brock Huard, that will be the case in the fall as well.

It's a trend that a handful of programs in college football are following, including PAC-12 powers USC and Oregon. As someone who covers USC on a regular basis, I am a big fan of the morning practices. The players seem more attentive, and then they have the rest of the day for class and whatever free-time exists. Also, it is a built in deterrent against "player misconduct" - it's a little harder to be out doing the wrong thing when you've got meetings that start at 6:00am.

It will take some getting used to for the players, but I am a big fan of this move for the program.


Video: David Paulson Works Out For NFL Scouts, Talks With Media

Friend of the DTP, Oregon tight end David Paulson, recently had his pro day at the UO campus.

Paulson, who we introduced you to a couple of weeks ago, by all accounts had a great workout. He improved in every area in which he tested, he said. Check out the video of him going through drills as well as addressing the media afterwards.


Wazzu Stadium Update

That school in Seattle isn't the only one getting its facilities upgraded. Washington State has been in the process of renovating its stadium as well.

WSUFootballBlog provides an update on the construction as well as some photos of the project. Martin stadium is widely considered the worst venue in the PAC-12, with Cal not far behind. That's not meant as a knock on WSU, it's just the perception held in the conference. However, the Cougars hope that this upgrade will quiet that kind of talk, as well as add a spark to recruiting - new coach, new stadium, new era of Cougar football.


OSU's Marable Receives Sentence

Oregon State's Malcolm Marable had his day in court for his February 19 speeding incident. Football wise, Marable has been on "indefinite suspension" since the incident.

Marable pleaded no contest and got hit with a fine as well as a 30-day suspension of his license. Beavers head coach Mike Riley has yet to announce further punishment beyond the suspension.


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