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BCS rankings 2012: Huskies drop out of the top 25

Neither Oregon team moved at all in the BCS rankings despite Oregon's convincing win over Oregon State.

William Mancebo

The BCS didn't have very much to say about the Civil War between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers as both teams stayed in the exact same spot in Week 13's BCS rankings.

The top five of the BCS didn't change much at all with every team winning their games last week, and with Building the Dam pointing out, the Ducks drubbing 48-24 defeat of the Oregon State Beavers didn't cause either team any rankings issues.

Possibly it was a product of being out on the Pac-12 Channel, and therefore out of view of most of the country, but the outcome of yesterday's Civil War seemed to be lost on most voters in the AP and USA Today Sports Information Directors polls.

The Beavers remained at No. 15 in the BCS rankings despite the loss and the Ducks remained in fifth place with the convincing win over a top-20 team. Then again, the Florida Gators, the team one spot above the Ducks in the BCS rankings, had their own convincing win on the weekend.

The big losers in the region were the Washington Huskies, whose loss to the Washington State Cougars in the Apple Cup put a damper on what bowl game they might be invited to. The Huskies had been teetering on the edge of BCS glory for the past couple of weeks but the loss sent them out of the top-25. UW Dawg Pound points out that the Huskies are large and far looking at a Vegas Bowl invite now.