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2012 BCS rankings: The Ducks are out of the title picture

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Oregon's loss to Stanford over the weekend dropped the Ducks to fifth in the latest BCS rankings.

Ezra Shaw

It will take a miracle for the Oregon Ducks to be back in the BCS title picture following their loss to the Stanford Cardinal on Saturday.

The Ducks had climbed all the way to second in the BCS standings following Alabama's loss to Texas A&M on Nov. 10, but their loss sent them tumbling all the way down fifth.

As SB Nation's Samuel Chi points out in his latest analysis, the Ducks can pretty much kiss their title hopes goodbye.

Oregon is essentially out of it after an overtime loss to Stanford, a sin deemed far more egregious than Alabama's loss to Texas A&M by the voters. Never mind that Stanford is ranked one spot ahead of the Aggies in the current BCS standings, as both teams have two losses. The Ducks are so far back in the polls that they'll need a virtual miracle to get back into the BCS title game.

Right now, he projects Oregon to play Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. Kansas State also went tumbling down the BCS rankings after their loss to Baylor over the weekend.

Notre Dame now tops the BCS rankings as the last undefeated team in the top 25. Alabama jumped all the way up to second following their win over the weekend, with Georgia and Florida rounding out the rest of the top five.

Meanwhile, the Huskies' 38-3 win over the Colorado Buffalos wasn't impressive enough to get any more computer love, as the team stood at No. 25 for the second straight week.