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Oregon vs. Oregon State 2012: Beavers get blown out

Building The Dam knows that it was turnovers that did in the Beavers.

Steve Dykes

It was a battle of positive plays versus negative plays, and the Oregon St. Beavers were on the wrong side of the battle against the Oregon Ducks on Saturday. The Beavers' six turnovers were their downfall in a 48-24 loss in the Civil War.

As Building The Dam pointed out, the Beavers were only down by 10 with almost half of the third quarter still to go.

But then this happened:

"Turnovers on five of the next six opportunities for Oregon St. to possess the ball did, however, as a mix of a dropped pass, a pair of botched kick returns, (not to mention not managing to get a returner back for a punt), and finally three consecutive interceptions thrown by Sean Mannion gave Oregon everything they need to cruise to an 11-1 regular season record."

Mannion's interceptions made his 311 yards passing a moot point. So did the 570 total yards the Ducks managed against an overwhelmed Oregon St. defense that didn't deserve what Mannion and the returners were giving them. You can only keep the Ducks down for so long: Once Oregon kept getting the ball back, they kept finding the end zone and put the Beavers into a hole they couldn't climb out of.

After this loss, Building The Dam sees a Holiday or Alamo Bowl bid in the future for the Beavers.