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Stanford vs. Oregon reaction: Oregon fans disappointed in Chip Kelly

Addicted to Quack places blame squarely on coach Chip Kelly's inability to read and react to Stanford in the Ducks' Saturday night loss.

Steve Dykes

Not surprisingly, Oregon Ducks fans were a little shell-shocked after Oregon dropped a game with so much riding on it against a Stanford Cardinal team that had lost to a Washington Huskies team the Ducks had beaten handily.

After a one-word recap that delivered its message loud and clear, Addicted to Quack set about breaking down what went wrong against Stanford, and the conclusion they came to was that coach Chip Kelly was to blame for the loss. Most specifically, the bloggers keyed in on a stubbornness that they noticed had cost the Ducks before.

Kelly's stubbornness cost us another game. I'm ok with that as long as he stays here and continues to give us chances at a national championship, but that's not so certain either, now is it?

So, to hell with it all.

The bloggers were disappointed generally, but were quick to point out the quirks and odd decisions that brought about the criticism of Kelly's play calling.

I don't want to hear about how going for a field goal was the right decision when apparently it wasn't on 4th and 1 earlier in the game. I don't understand how Barner goes down so easily yet gets 21 carries while De'Anthony Thomas is fighting for yards and gets 7.

The chances that the Ducks had in 2012, to win the Pac-12 for a fourth straight year, to play for a national title for the second time in three years, to be undefeated, were all victims of a game plan and approach that the guys took issue with.

This wasn't some loaded with talent USC team. This wasn't an undefeated Auburn team or an Ohio State team that hadn't played up to their potential. This was a Stanford team that lost to washington. This was the same unimaginative David Shaw team that we've seen all year from Palo Alto. David Shaw and Stanford just out-coached Chip Kelly, and Oregon is effectively out of the national championship race. That is on Kelly.