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College football rankings, Week 10: Oregon stays at No. 2, OSU falls in AP Top 25

The Ducks stayed at No. 2 in this week's AP poll, while the Beavers fell after their loss to Washington.

Jonathan Ferrey

AP voters still believe the Oregon Ducks are the second-best team in the land in Week 10's Top 25. The Ducks may have earned some style points in their 70-14 win over the Colorado Buffaloes, and were able to fend off Kansas State and Notre Dame, who both picked up wins over ranked teams on Saturday.

The Oregon State Beavers said goodbye to their undefeated record in their loss to the Washington Huskies, and they also bid adieu to their top 10 ranking. The Beavs fell from No. 7 down to No. 13 after their loss in Seattle. The UW win actually garnered the Huskies some recognition in the poll, as they received eight votes.

OSU wasn't the only top Pac-12 team to fall, as USC dropped to No. 18 after their loss at Arizona. The Wildcats used that victory to propel themselves back into the rankings at No. 24.

Stanford rose to No. 15 after escaping with a victory against Washington State, and UCLA shows up at No. 25 to make it six Pac-12 teams in the poll.

Full rankings below. For complete numbers, head to S.I.'s AP Top 25 page.

1) Alabama

2) Oregon

3) Kansas State

4) Notre Dame

5) LSU

6) Ohio State

7) Georgia

8) Florida

9) Florida State

10) Clemson

11) South Carolina

12) Louisville

13) Oregon State

14) Oklahoma

15) Stanford

16) Texas A&M

17) Mississippi State

18) USC

19) Boise State

20) Texas Tech

21) Nebraska

22) Louisiana Tech

23) West Virginia

24) Arizona

25) UCLA