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2012 BCS rankings: Oregon ranked No. 4 behind KSU

The second BCS rankings of the 2012 NCAA Football season show Ducks fans that there's still a lot of football left to be played.

Steve Dykes

The Oregon Ducks are the Pac-12's highest ranked team in the 2012 BCS standings, but that doesn't mean that fans in Eugene are happy with sitting behind the Kansas State Wildcats as the fourth-ranked team. They should have plenty of opportunity to overtake the Wildcats, given each team's remaining schedule.

Kansas State has a considerably easier road ahead, and will not have a Big 12 title game to bolster its status in the rankings. Oregon, on the other hand, has games against Oregon State, USC and Stanford in front of them. These don't include the Pac-12 Championship, which could give the Ducks another quality win if they prevail and run the table. Doing so would most certainly secure them a shot at the national title.

Oregon State is not far behind at No. 7, and they are followed closely by USC in the ninth spot. Boise State is ranked No. 21 and is coming off a convincing 32-7 win over UNLV.

So what was the reaction from the Ducks' perspective? Here's a quote that sums it up from SB Nation's own Addicted to Quack:

There isn't any great conspiracy. There isn't any great BCS bias. Just because Oregon isn't sitting at #2 doesn't mean it's anything to worry about. The computers don't give any preferential treatment to any specific team or conference to tilt the favor one way or another. The simple fact is Oregon has not had a strong schedule yet. But if they win out, the computers will swing as it will be wins against good competition.

The Ducks and their fans understand that there's more important work to be done in a tough Pac-12.