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Oregon football uniforms: Ducks go silver and gray for Arizona State

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The Oregon Ducks are going with silver helmets and gray pants for tonight's game against the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Kevin Casey

The Oregon Ducks are in their traditional white tops for tonight's game against the Arizona St. Sun Devils. That is about the only thing traditional about their get-up. Oregon is also bringing out its silver helmets and gray pants for tonight's game. Take a sneak-peek before tonight's action.


Oregon has gone to a new look for most of its games this season. The Ducks have gotten the silver matted touch with the duck wings on their helmets and fittings on their jerseys. They've worn bright yellow, bright green, dark black and silver helmets. They've worn bright green jerseys, darker green fits and bright yellow on occasion. They've gone with dark pants, green pants, silver pants, etc. The stylings just keep on coming in Eugene.

Oregon plays Arizona State tonight at 6 p.m. PT on ESPN. The Ducks try to move to 7-0 on the season while the Sun Devils try to spring a huge trap in Tempe.