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NFL Picks

NFL Picks, Week 14: Home Stretch Pants

There are four regular season weeks of football left. Which is an unreal fact of life.

NFL Picks, Week 13: Unreasonable Optimism

NFL Picks for Thanks-ful Week 12

Week 12: 10-4 Season: 96-47 (and 1. I refuse to call a tie a loss)

NFL Picks, Wk 11: Juggernauting, Like All Damn Day

How do I record a tie? No sport should ever be able to end in a tie, that's bogus. Keep playing, or pick an arbitrary aspect of the game and settle that way, like soccer does (sometimes). NO MORE TIES! NO MORE TIES! NO MORE TIES!!

NFL Picks Week 10: A whirlwind tour around the NFL

I won more games last week (12) than minutes I spent writing the column (10). HA!

NFL Picks, Week 9: Around the NFL we go

Ok, welcome to the light version of the weekly picks. Last week 9-5, now 67-37 on the year.

A veritable cornucopia of gridiron delights

Week 8 is upon us and I'm fired up. I managed to pick 11 out of 13 correct last week, which I'm told is purdy good.

NFL Week 7 Picks

Managed a meek 8-6 last week, now 45-31 on season, so yeah, there's that.

This stream has:

NFL Picks, Week 16: NFC West Predictions From The Experts

A look at the week 16 NFL predictions and picks for Sunday's Seattle Seahawks game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since it affects the NFC West, we also look at the St. Louis Rams game against the San Francisco 49ers.

This stream has:

NFL Picks, Week 10: Early Look At NFC West Matchups

NFL picks and predictions for week 10. We look around the web to find predictions and picks for both NFC West matchups. The Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals and 49ers square-off against each other in intra-divisional matchups.