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Mariners among teams interested in Justin Upton

Justin Upton trade rumors haven't ceased and the Mariners hope to be the team to end the rumors and land the 25-year-old outfielder.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton is still a member of his team despite all the rumors surrounding his impending departure via trade. And though talks have seemingly died down, there is still a distinct possibility that he could get traded and the Seattle Mariners are trying to be the team to make that happen.

According to FOX Sports, the Mariners are among three teams still interested in Upton, joining the Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves as teams still showing interest.

But the Mariners seem to be going the hardest for a player that they've had their eyes on for some time now. They want to add a hitter to their lineup and though their primary chips to trade are pitchers, the Diamondbacks just traded one of their own pitchers so they may cool down on refuting a pitcher-heavy offer for Upton's services.

The Mariners do have a major hurdle of being on Upton's four-team no-trade list and would have to use the allure of a contract extension to make Upton waive his no-trade rights. It's a tall proposition but the Mariners seem to want to explore their options to add the 25-year-old.

Upton is on a growing list of hitters the Mariners have inquired about including Andre Ethier of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton.