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Robert Andino reacts to being traded to Mariners

Seattle Mariners infielder Robert Andino reacts to being traded from the Baltimore Orioles.

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Seattle Mariners infielder Robert Andino is trying to adjust to being dealt to the Balitmore Orioles. Seattle dealt outfielder Trayvon Robinson to Baltimore in exchange for Andino, and the Mariners have not yet told him anything other than to get ready for spring training and try and compete for a starting spot.

Andino talked a little bit about the friendships he'd developed with his teammates in Baltimore after the playoff run they experienced this past summer and fall.

"It teaches you a lot of things about winning,'' Andino told me moments ago by phone. "Just little things inside of the game that you need in order to come out on top.''

Andino discussed how important it was for his team to stay positive to keep things on the upward trend and avoid thinking about the distractions that can bring down any team.

"When you look at the negatives, the outcome usually isn't going to be too good,'' he said of Baltimore's improbable run against most odds. "You just have to focuse on the positives and what you have managed to do and hope for the best. That's what we did.''

Andino is ready to get set for a new start in Seattle, although it'll be tough to get past the relationships he built with the Orioles. But he knows that baseball is a business, and he has to get ready for a new beginning.

"It is what it is,'' he said. "It's bittersweet because you have your relationship with your teammSeattle Mariners infielder Robert Andino reacts to being traded from the Baltimore Orioles.ates that you've built over years. But now, it's time to move on, so that's what you do.''