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Mariners installing biggest video display in MLB at Safeco Field

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The new display over the center field bleachers has the viewing area of 2,182 42-inch TVs.

Otto Greule Jr

Who says the Seattle Mariners aren't spending money?

It might not be going to the payroll yet, but for as bad as the Mariners have been lately - at least going to Safeco Field is still a great experience. Starting next year, it will probably get quite a bit better as the Seattle Mariners are busy installing the largest video display in Major League Baseball.

Brian Dudley with The Seattle Times has a few simulated images provided by the Mariners and it is rather impressive. The new display will measure 201.5 feet by 56.7 feet and will show video in 1080p by 3840p resolution.

The display is part of the $15 million dollars the team has committed to maintenance and improvements to Safeco Field in time for the 2013 season. Under the team's agreement with taxpayers who funded the park, the Mariners are responsible for keeping Safeco Field a "first class facility", and adding a massive video display is part of that process.

Kevin Martinez, vice president of marketing, detailed how the screen would be used during games.

"So Felix Hernandez just strikes out a batter in the top of the eighth inning," he said. "We're going to go live to Felix, who tends to be an animated, excited guy. We'll cut to shots of the crowd and then a replay of that moment."

The screen will also have the ability to digitally switch to an old, traditional scoreboard-like look, replacing the hand operated scoreboard that used to exist over the left field seats. The old scoreboard had to be removed when the Mariners committed to moving in the outfield fences.