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Gonzaga Bulldogs Invited To 2013 Maui Invitational

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are one of those college basketball teams that has become a staple in the national landscape. Gonzaga has become too good and too notable for their great success in beating big major programs year after year and becoming a fixture in the NCAA Tournament while traditional powers struggle to meet those expectations.

Gonzaga will be doing something similar in two years when they head down to Hawaii Thanksgiving weekend; Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports has the report after the jump.

Gonzaga has to love this field as a ground to prove themselves to be a great team this season, and the ability to go up against national powerhouses like Syracuse and Baylor will give them an early chance to prove themselves to be tournament-worthy. It's a long ways ahead, but something for Bulldogs fans to look forward to a few years from now.

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