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Bracketology 2012: Gonzaga Moves Down And Around, Washington Stays Put

One loss can mean everything at this stage in the season, especially when it comes to where a team will be seeded and in what region.

Just ask the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

The Zags started Monday morning as a no. 6 seed in the Midwest region, according to ESPN's Joe Lunardi in his then-latest Bracketology. But after losing to St. Mary's in the West Coast Conference championship game in a heartbreaking thriller, the Zags have moved down a seed and switched regions altogether.

Lunardi's latest predictions have the Zags in the South region as the no. 7 seed facing the Connecticut Huskies in the first round with the Ohio State Buckeyes possibly lurking as a second round matchup. The Zags went from facing Southern Mississippi to facing a perennial power. Crazy what a day can do.

Meanwhile, the Washington Huskies saw no movement from their no. 11 seed but the Pac-12 tournament will have a lot to say about where they end up.