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Bracketology 2012: Gonzaga, Washington Both In The Tourney, But In Different Regions

Both SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean and ESPN's Joe Lunardi have the Gonzaga Bulldogs as a no. 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The only difference is they have the Bulldogs in different regions.

Dobbertean has the Bulldogs in the West facing Southern Mississippi in their first round matchup, while Lunardi has the Bulldogs in the Midwest facing a very intriguing Harvard team. Either way, it's safe to say the Bulldogs are in no matter what happens in their conference championship game against St. Mary's.

Washington, on the other hand, is fighting to stay where Dobbertean and Lunardi currently have them. Dobbertean has the Huskies as a no. 11 seed in the Midwest playing Wichita State in the first round, while Lunardi has the Huskies as the same seed only in the West against Vanderbilt.

One thing is for certain, it looks like people see the Bulldogs and Huskies in the same light.