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Bracketology 2012: Who Washington Fans Should Root For This Weekend

The Washington Huskies couldn't make it past their first game in the 2012 Pac-12 Tournament, despite being the top seed and the regular-season conference champs. With the loss, they may have seen their hopes for the 2012 NCAA Tournament go up in smoke. With Friday's elimination of the Oregon St. Beavers, area fans are faced with the possibility that they may be watching the NCAA Tournament without a rooting interest.

Percy Allen of the Seattle Times reports that Washington coach Lorenzo Romar appeared KJR-AM Fiday morning to discuss the loss and he is not confident about the Huskies' chances of reaching the Tournament.

"The conference that you're in is irrelevant," Romar said. "They look at our body of work. the only argument is we won our league. There's other leagues that the winner wins the league with maybe 25 wins and they don't get invited to the big dance because the body of work of the entire league wasn't where it should be. Unfortunately for us, they're going to look at that entire body of work of the league and it could hurt us."

But all is not lost ... or at least, not yet. Bud Withers at the Seattle Times provided a handy guide to teams that Huskies fans Huskies fans need to be rooting for over the weekend. Here's a sampling:

Long Beach State. Pull for the guy, Dan Monson, who took the Washington job then bailed on it back in 2002. The 49ers are a big threat to make it at-large, so you don't need a Big West interloper winning that tournament.

It's a good read and well worth checking out. And it would be nice to have a reason to cheer for the Huskies (by proxy) for at least a few more days.

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