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Bracketology 2012: Joe Lunardi Drops Gonzaga To No. 7 Seed, Edges Washington Up To No. 11 Seed

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are losing their footing. The Washington Huskies are starting to find theirs.

Washington has put themselves at the top of the bubble after another crucial home sweep, including a critical win against Arizona. While Washington is far from out of trouble, they're in a far better spot than they were a week ago as Joe Lunardi's last team in. Lunardi has them as an eleventh seed, facing New Mexico, then the winner of Marquette/Belmont.

Gonzaga slipped when they lost a road contest to USF, which dropped them to a seventh seed and ever closer to the 8th/9th seed of death that kills so many teams. The Bulldogs can prop themselves right back up if they're able to beat BYU on Thursday though.

Oregon is hovering as one of the first four out. But the Ducks can't rest easy unless they win out.

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