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WNBA Draft 2011: New York Liberty Select Tacoma Native Alex Montgomery 10th In First Round

The first round of the WNBA Draft has been very kind to prospects from Washington state, with Courtney Vandersloot a lottery pick and now Tacoma native Alex Montgomery surprisingly being selected 10th by the New York Liberty.

Swish Appeal writers figured her as a second round pick and she was never really considered among the top prospects, but what she offers a New York team led by new coach John Whisenant is defense on the wing for his "White Line Defense".

Time to Dance: Georgia Tech - Swish Appeal
Never has a team been more suited to its name than the frenetic, pesky, and occasionally painful Yellow Jackets. They cause a lot of turnovers and they commit a lot of turnovers. High-scoring senior forward Alex Montgomery is the star of the show, putting up 14 points and 8.5 rebounds per game.

The question mark about Montgomery has to begin with her relatively low shooting percentages at the college level, which make her immediate impact as definitely on the defensive end.