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WNBA Draft 2011: Chicago Sky Select Gonzaga's Courtney Vandersloot Third

Gonzaga's Courtney Vandersloot didn't have to wait long to figure out where she'll be playing professionally.

After the Tulsa Shock selected Australian Liz Cambage second, the Sky wasted no time in selecting the best point guard on the board.

With Chicago having a number of other guards as well, now you also have to wonder about how Chicago balances those their guard rotation.

More notes on Vandersloot from Swish Appeal:

WNBA Draft 2011 Prospects: How Much Better Is Courtney Vandersloot Than Other Point Guards? - Swish Appeal
Against Stanford, Vandersloot used 28.30% of her team's possessions which is just above her 26.79% rate for the season. She had a strong true shooting of 60.56% - including 3-for-5 shooting from 3-point land - and a free throw rate of 33.33%, both of which were close to her scoring efficiency levels for the season (her pre-tournament true shooting percentage was 56.80%, while her free throw rate was 32.02%). But naturally, with her assuming responsibility for 70% of the team's statistical production (45% above normal), her assist ratio was 5% lower than the norm at 29.37%. No problem: committing only one turnover in 38 minutes of play against Stanford's suffocating zone defense was good for a pure point rating of 12.82. As astounding as that number is, it was only marginally above her season pure point rating of 11.63.

In short, most video game player creators wouldn't even allow you to make a player that efficient - to lead a team in scoring and assists for a night is one thing. To do both extremely efficiently is another. To do it for an entire season at about that same level is almost mind boggling.