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WNBA Draft 2011: What Does A Dominant Seattle Storm Team Need?

Not only did the Seattle Storm dominate the league in historic fashion on their way to their second WNBA championship, but they didn't exactly lose a whole lot either.

So while that means they have no chance at the top prospects in today's WNBA Draft, it also means that the Storm have the luxury of simply taking the best available player to them. As Seattle Times reporter Jayda Evans reports, it's also a luxury that means coach Brian Agler might not even decide to keep the pick.

Storm | Storm hopes WNBA draft talent pool runs deep | Seattle Times Newspaper
In three seasons with Seattle, Agler hasn't given rookies significant minutes nor retained them past their first season. He selected guard Alison Lacey (Iowa State) last year, but she chose to remain in her native Australia to try out for her national team this summer.

Agler would like to draft length on Monday. Potential additions include Tacoma native Alex Montgomery (6-1, Georgia Tech), Jessica Breland (6-3, North Carolina) or Jeanette Pohlen (6-0, Stanford).

Swish Appeal's latest mock draft has the Storm selecting Stanford Cardinal point guard Jeanette Pohlen, but it's extremely difficult to know who they're going to pick and to some extent their pick is merely ceremonial - Lacey was generally regarded as the best point guard (in a weak draft) last year and hardly played.

But there could be countless options from Boston College center Carolyn Swords to any number of other guards to someone who makes a surprise fall to number 12.

Stay tuned to this storystream for updates on the Storm's pick and Swish Appeal for running analysis of the entire draft.