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San Francisco Has Chris Webber Moment In WCC Tournament Against Gonzaga

If you missed it last night, the San Francisco Dons lost to the Gonzaga Bulldogs in one of the more painful ways possible. Down six with under 30 seconds to go, the Dons hopes were dwindling. But a quick three-pointer made it a one-possession game and a misstep on the inbounds pass by the Bulldogs had San Francisco on the verge of, perhaps, tying the game. San Francisco stole the pass, but in the scramble on the floor, a timeout was called. There was just one problem with it: San Francisco had no timeouts. It was a Chris Webber moment at the worst possible time.

Check out the video and keep an eye on the USF bench. Notice the frantic timeout signals and recall the bench can call a timeout.

The player still in his jersey on the bench was pumped the Dons got the timeout in, even giving a Tiger Woods fist-pump in the aftermath. His reaction adds to the hilarity of it all, unless you happen to be a USF fan.

There's no guarantee San Francisco would've tied or even won the game had they not called the timeout. The Dons still would've had to make it out of the scramble with the ball and bury a three to tie, neither of which are easy. Instead, though, Gonzaga took its two technical foul shots and escaped with a win and the berth into the WCC Championship.

What a rough way to go out.

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