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NCAA Tournament Scores: Gonzaga Looks For An Upset With A 43-32 Halftime Lead Over St. John's

The Gonzaga Bulldogs took a 43-32 halftime lead over the St. John's Red Storm playing the type of fluid offense that fans have been waiting for all season.

Steven Gray leads the Bulldogs with 10 points including 2-for-4 shooting from the 3-point line, but the real story of this first half has been Gonzaga's rebounding. And although center Robert Sacre is has a game-high six rebounds to go with his seven points, that guard Marquise Carter has come up with four shows that it's been a team effort for Gonzaga on the boards.

Or perhaps a disappointing rebounding effort by St. John's.

Justin Brownlee hit a shot at the buzzer to bring the lead within 10 points, which could be a psychological boost, but St. John's is going to have to do something about the rebounding situation to win this game, in addition to finding some way to disrupt Gonzaga's rhythm. In the first half, Gonzaga beat St. John's 19 to 7 overall on the boards and 7 to 1 on the offensive boards. Sacre has a game-high four offensive rebounds while Carter has two.

Paris Horne leads the Red Storm with 10 points.