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VIDEO: Adam Morrison Ejected From Serbian League Game

I'm sure that many of you have been asking yourself 'just where is that Adam Morrison these days?" From Gonzaga glory, to NBA, well, anti-glory, Morrison has been playing with the Serbian club team Crvena Zvezda since September, looking like he hit the weight room hard and ignored his barber even harder. From my knowledge Morrison wouldn't get too hot under the jersey during the game often, but was ejected after getting into it with another player, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy with Morrison playing the pied piper. Make the jump to check it out.

Now this video shows no context of what happened before, and unless you speak Serbian, you don't really know what's going on. Maybe Adam and this guy had been beefin' so to speak the whole game, and he couldn't take it anymore. Or maybe he just snapped. Either way it's fun to watch:

Adam Morison vs Radosavljevic / Crvena zvezda - Bajern 80:55 (via MrRedStarBelgrade)


Let's not forget that this man has two NBA championship rings sitting at home. Just saying.