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2010 CBE Classic: Gonzaga Falls To Kansas State 81-64 After Poor Second Half Shooting

The story of this Kansas State's 81-64 win over Gonzaga was somewhat simple: you could reduce it to the fact that Kansas State found ways to execute their offense for long enough stretches of time that they were able to establish a rhythm and find reasonable scoring opportunities.

The Bulldogs just struggled to do that against the KSU defense throughout the game.

And after struggle to establish anything in the first half, things took a nosedive in the second half: Gonzaga shot 23.1 percent from the field in the second half while KSU shot 50 percent. It's difficult to beat anyone like that, much less a physical team that's highly regarded by the current early season polls when you are at your best a finesse team looking for backcuts.

To their credit, Gonzaga forced KSU into 23 turnovers - that's an extremely high turnover rate of a turnover on nearly 30 percent of their possessions.

However, on the other end, one area for concern for the Bulldogs is the point guard position - Demetri Goodson started as the lead ball handler, but the team struggled out of the gate, getting down 10 to 2 quickly. After a solid first half, David Stockton struggled against KSU's pressure in the second committing three turnovers on the game. But later, Steven Gray began handling the ball more and, unfortunately, that was no more effective - Gray finished with five turnovers and struggled to get he team into the offense when he was in the position of lead ball handler instead of scorer.

For the full boxscore for the game, click here.