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SBN Seattle Feature: Gonzaga Basketball Preview - Five Questions


As described previously, Gonzaga fans are excited about their team's prospects for the season.

Gonzaga Basketball Preview: What Will It Take To Meet Lofty Expectations? - SB Nation Seattle
With the transition from the unlikely "Cinderella" to a program with a consistent place on the national stage, people are starting to wonder if this will be the Bulldogs' breakthrough year that will see them make the Final Four for the first time in school history.

Yet after losing senior leader and point guard Matt Bouldin, there's plenty of uncertainty in Spokane. There's little question that the team will be good, but how good can they become?

One of the primary questions has to be about the point guard position, which Demetri Goodson presumably has the inside track on. The Slipper Still Fits added some additional insight on the point guard battle this morning.

2010-11 Player Previews: Consistency is key for Demetri Goodson - The Slipper Still Fits
There is no doubting that most Gonzaga fans will have Meech under a big microscope. With junior college guard Marquise Carter now in the fold, many believe he is the answer. Personally, I can't wait to see what Meech brings to the table. Like last season, it will not be a bed of roses but his defensive intensity and overall hustle plays make him fun to watch. If he can play with more control on offense and develop confidence in his outside jumper, there truly will be no ceiling for Meech.