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Eastern Washington Is The FCS National Champion; Time For Some Crowd Shots

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The best part about Eastern Washington’s amazing comeback win over the Delaware Blue Hens is the fantastic crowd shots that came about as a result. Delaware was well on their way to victory, up 19-0 in the third quarter. The fans were happy, the team was confident, and the FCS national championship was theirs. And then Bo Levi Mitchell decided it was time to get down to business.

All images are courtesy of BubbaProg, who runs the best website you’ll ever see, MockSession.

Eagles threatening, but the game is still in hand.

Signs of trouble, but Delaware is still good to go.

Joe Biden, who raved about his Blue Hens on the ESPN2 broadcast early in the first quarter, realizes what happened as reality set in.

Finally, the best smack talk you will ever see. Mad props to this Eastern Washington fan for hitting Delaware where it hurts.

From up 19 and comfortable to stunned in a one-point loss, Delaware fans went on a roller coaster ride. The pictures above, shot by ESPN cameras throughout the game, illustrate the flow of the game, giving us as good a story as any recap would. Happy to sad, all in the span of about 20 minutes of game time.

Congratulations, Eastern Washington and way to put on a great show. You boys did the state proud tonight.