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VIDEO: Taiwan Jones Jumps Out Of A Pool Backwards

With Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones choosing to declare for the NFL Draft on Friday, let's take a look at why he might sneak his way up draft boards when April rolls around. Besides the stats -- 1,700+ yards and 14 touchdowns on the ground -- Jones is a heck of an athlete, as you'd expect an All-American running back to be. Even though he plays at the FCS level, a step below college football's highest division, he still has the talent to compete, and would be a great addition for plenty of NFL teams looking for a sleeper running back.

And, oh, he can jump out of a pool ... backwards.

That is a ridiculous amount of leg strength. Every year ahead of the draft, you'll see athletes jumping out of pools, but I haven't seen someone do it backwards before. Jones makes it look far too easy, when anyone that's tried something like this before can assure you it's not.

Watch for Jones' draft stock to climb as people get wind of his abilities, both on the field and in the pool.