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College Football Rankings, Week 11: Boise State Has A Legitimate Gripe

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I’m usually not one to defend Boise State and the gripes about teams leapfrogging the Broncos in the polls. Today, however, they have a legitimate argument about the AP Poll and the teams that jumped them. TCU being ranked above BSU is fine. The Horned Frogs picked up a quality win this weekend, downing the former top 5 Utah Utes. Auburn, however, beat FCS Chattanooga and had no business jumping Boise State in the AP top 25 this week.

The Broncos, often handcuffed by the poor strength of schedule that comes with playing in the WAC, did pick up a quality win. Against Hawaii — a team that was the last team out in last week’s AP top 25 — Boise State looked flat dominant. The Broncos controlled every aspect of the game, cruising to a 42-7 victory.

Why punish Boise State this week, when they did pick up a quality win? Why move Auburn ahead of Boise on the heels of a late-season cupcake game against an FCS team? It’s a foregone conclusion that if Auburn keeps winning they’ll pass BSU up, but it shouldn’t have come this week.