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BCS Rankings: Upsets That Could Change The Top 10

Who’s on upset alert this weekend and what could some of the weekend’s matchups do to the BCS rankings? The top 2 should stay the same, with Auburn getting the week off by taking on Chatanooga and Oregon taking on Washington without star quarterback Jake Locker. However, the third spot is up for grabs with this weekend’s mid-major survival of the fittest contest between the Utah Utes and TCU Horned Frogs. With a loss, TCU is sure to drop, but the question becomes will Utah jump Boise in the standings with a win. Utah was inching closer to the Broncos and a win seems likely to push them into the number three spot.

For Oregon and Auburn, the mid-major fighting puts them in an even more powerful position. For now, TCU sits in third, still a comfortable margin behind Auburn. With two of the top 5 beating up on each other, we’re sure to see some kind of rankings shakeup. There’s a top 5 spot up for grabs and Alabama is licking their chops, ready to place themselves back into the BCS picture.

The Crimson Tide take on LSU in a battle of top 10 teams in the SEC. A win by Alabama assures them a place in the top-5 in next week’s BCS rankings, perhaps allowing them to leapfrog multiple teams on the strength of their schedule. A loss, however, opens the door for Nebraska and Oklahoma to jump into the top 5 and back into the national title picture.

With two games pitting top 10 teams against each other, one of which features the No. 3 and No. 5 teams in the nation, the top half of the BCS standings are sure to see a shakeup next week.