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BCS Rankings: Oregon New No. 1, Three Pac-10 Teams In Top 15

For the third straight week there’s a new number one in the BCS rankings. With a win over the USC Trojans, the Oregon Ducks jumped the Auburn Tigers and took over the top spot, putting them in the driver's seat for a BCS national championship game berth. Oregon, first in both the Harris and USA Today Coaches Poll, moved from 8th to 2nd in the computers with its win over the Trojans and losses by Missouri and Michigan State.

The Ducks were joined in the rankings by two Pac-10 schools, just as they were in the human polls. The Stanford Cardinal, after a dominating performance against Washington yesterday, checked in at No. 13. The Arizona Wildcats were at No. 15 again this week after pulling out a win over the UCLA Bruins in Pasadena.

Auburn is still the consensus number one in the computer rankings, but Oregon is holding down the number two spot in most. The computers do have one anomaly when it comes to ranking the Ducks. The Colley Matrix computer hates Oregon, putting them at 7th behind Oklahoma, LSU and Missouri, who somehow is ranked third in their formula.

Oregon brings its shiny new No. 1 ranking to Seattle next week to take on the Washington Huskies.