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Ron Shah made the journey across the country to Southern California after growing up in Queens, New York for 14 years. It was there where he took on the passion of the city when it came to love for a good slice of pizza and baseball. Currently, Ron is a college student studying business, who is now venturing into the minor league baseball side of things. He will be contributing several pieces per week for the site with a focus on prospects. You can follow Ron on Twitter @Rontrarian.

Beavers comeback, lead Cardinal 23-21 after 3rd

The Oregon State Beavers came all the way back from down 14-0 to take a 23-21 lead over the Stanford Cardinal after three quarters of play at Stanford Stadium.

Cardinal lead Beavers 14-10 at halftime

Stanford Cardinal lead the Oregon State Beavers 14-10 at halftime.

Beavers trail to Cardinal after 1st quarter

The Oregon State Beavers are trailing the Stanford Cardinal at Stanford Stadium after one quarter of play.

Oregon vs. USC final: Ducks win 62-51

Oregon's offense was clicking on all cylinders on Saturday, as they steamrolled USC's defense in a wild 62-51 victory.

Ducks open 4th quarter with lead over Trojans

The No. 4 Ducks lead the No. 17 Trojans after three quarters of play.

Ducks lead Trojans 34-24 at halftime

The Ducks offense dominated in the first half and enter halftime with a 34-24 lead over the USC Trojans.

Ducks lead Trojans 14-3 after 1st quarter

The Ducks lead the Trojans 14-3 after the 1st quarter.

Washington vs. USC final: Huskies lose 24-14

Washington lost another home game on Saturday, as they fell in a hard-fought loss to the Trojans.

Oregon State vs. BYU final: Beavers win 42-24

Even without their starting QB, Oregon State's magical season continued with a 42-24 victory over BYU on Saturday.

Oregon State vs. Arizona Update: Beavers take 7-0

The Beavers lead the Wildcats 7-0 on the road after the first quarter of play between the two teams.