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Proud father of two. Hawks fan since '96. Newly joined SBNation writing Seahawks stuff. Pretty pumped about it.

Pete Carroll steals Bills' lollipop

Pete Carroll just flat out don't give a F*&K

12th man locker room speech

If there were a locker room where we fans met up to go over the game, someone would have to give a speech. You would choose me, and if not, I would rudely interrupt whomever you had picked. This is what I would say.

Warren Moon talks "Hometown Hall of Famers"

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with Warren to talk about the event, put on by Allstate and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There was even some time to talk about his career, and the Seahawks as well!

Seahawks win! Jets lose! At the same time!

Two of my favorite Sunday happenings occur at once! I'm so hormonally overloaded right now I'm worried I may lactate!

Playoff season, is in season!

If the playoffs started today... they don't start today so get over it! The Seahawks aren't in yet, but they're in the mix.

Thursday Night Fights: Seahawks vs. 49ers

Word on the street is that these are two pretty scrappy teams. I'm setting the over under on personal fouls at 4.5

Seahawks defensive backs need to stay home Sunday

Brady will likely be using some play action in an attempt to get a couple good shots in on the young Seahawks secondary.

Seahawks doomed? No Way

2-2 is neither a guarantee of success or a state of certain defeat. It is, what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

Not so fast on the change at QB, guys

The facts say Russell Wilson is the problem in Seattle, I'd argue otherwise.

NFL Odds: betting the Vegas lines for Week 4

I take a crack at picking this weekends games, and like everything else in my life... I only make it about halfway through before deciding to go to bed.