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Resident hooligan at Seattle Pacific University. Seahawk nut. Blue-blooded Dodger. Lover of the Purple and Gold. Raised in Camarillo, California. Shout out to SoCal!

Analyzing Seattle's zone woes

It's well known that Seattle struggles in zone, and in 3rd and long situations defensively. Is there a link between the two? One author dares to say yes.

Seahawks blow out Cardinals -- some thoughts

A few thoughts on an unbelievable performance by the Seahawk crew, and some observations of things that bode well for the team's future.

A necessarily emotional game recap

Here's a quick analysis piece breaking down the three phases of the game and why they equated to a Seahawks loss. Reading it is statistically proven to help you vent.

Seattle Seahawks: The Importance of Sidney Rice

Reasons why Sidney Rice is returning to form, and a glimpse into why Steve Raible will be exclaiming "Wilson to Rice" a lot in the future.

Great thoughts about a great win

Talking pieces that will help aid your Monday Seahawks Hangover!

Seattle Seahawks: The Oddity and Excitement of 4-3

A really optimistic view of the last nine games of the season based on the last seven games of the season.

What needs work for Thursday's matchup

An unique look at the bad stuff amidst a victory, and some tough love for a team that still has some things to work on.

Seattle Seahawks: Passing philosophies and winning

Why the utilization of seams and slants are crucial to the success of any West Coast Offense.

The Seattle Seahawks and 'taking the next step'

What the Seahawks must to do to get the wins.

The biggest key to a Seahawks win on Sunday

How and why the Seahawks must avoid overconfidence in Sunday's matchup