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I've spent the past four years covering football, basketball, track, women's soccer, women's golf and baseball, all at the collegiate level. I also interned at 710 ESPN Seattle on the Kevin Calabro Show and worked at Hollister Inc as a "model" where I convinced parents their children would love them if they bought overpriced T-shirts. When not talking or writing about sports you'll often engrossed in one of my first two loves: Alaskan Amber and South Park. I've lived in Seattle's U-District for four years now and have never even SEEN a mugging (Shout out to the Spokesman Review's Christian Caple). I'm fluent in over six million forms of communication, but never really grasped Spanish. Oh, here's my list, just in case you wanted to ask. 1. Kanye 2. Tupac 3. Bruce Springsteen 4. Lupe 5. Pearl Jam 6. Early Puccini (Before he sold out) 7.My roommate Bill's shower EP 8. Billy Joel 9. Nas 10. Biggie Follow me on Twitter: @Jacob_B_Thorpe

Huskies Shaq Thompson, Sean Parker Will Look to Mimic Success of Seahawks Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas

Sean Parker and Shaq Thompson headline the Huskies defense in 2012.

Recruiting Is Key in Pete Carroll's Rebuild of the Seahawks Roster

Before Seahawks coach Pete Carroll came to Seattle there were three certainties in life: death, taxes, and top-10 recruiting classes at USC.

NIT 2012: Washington, Oregon Matchup Proves Pac-12 Basketball is Down, But Not Out

Tuesday's quarterfinal matchup between Washington and Oregon didn't feel like your typical NIT game.

With Oregon Facing NCAA Sanctions, It's The Recruits That Suffer

If Oregon's coaches have misled recruits on the seriousness of the NCAA investigations and sanctions they're facing, will these players have the opportunity to be released from their letter of intent?