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I am currently a senior at the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and an Arizona native born and raised. My one true love is the Denver Broncos. To share my devotion, I may or may not have built a Helga Pataki-esque shrine of John Elway from chewed bubblegum. And that may or may not be the reason he has a restraining order against me. Beyond that, I’m an obsessive pop culture nerd whose head is crammed full of too much useless information to keep track of. About 78% of what comes out of my mouth is recycled from a movie or television show somewhere. Someday, I hope to be either a sports columnist or screen writer. Or a space cowboy. I haven’t decided yet.

Seahawks had perfect timing on Russell Wilson pick

Looks like the Seahawks weren't the only ones interested in Russell Wilson's services last April after all.

Jason Bay's contract details revealed

It turns out that the Mariners did a pretty good job in structuring OF Jason Bay's contract.

Seahawks defensive line getting 'manhandled'

For the second time in the past three games, the Seahawks gave up over 185 yards on the ground Sunday when the Miami Dolphins ran all over them.

Cougars cruise to 72-49 win, now 2-0 on the season

Everyone got in on the action for Washington State's second win of the season as the Utah Valley Wolverines never stood a chance.

Washington currently projected for Las Vegas Bowl

If the season ended today, it looks like the Huskies would be heading to Vegas to take on Boise State.

Seahawks dodge injury bug in win over Jets

The best part of Seattle's dominating 28-7 win over the Jets: No major injuries.

Beavers drop to third in Pac-12 North with loss

It's looking pretty unlikely that the Beavers take the Pac-12 North after their second conference loss this past weekend.

Ducks jump to No. 2 in BCS rankings

The computers haven't been easy on Oregon for most of 2012 but the Ducks finally caught a break Sunday and were bumped up to the No. 2 in the BCS Rankings.

Oliver Perez re-signs with Seattle

The Seattle Mariners rewarded Oliver Perez for his surprising contributions last season with a new contract over the weekend.

Seahawks LB K.J. Wright suffers a concussion

The Seattle Seahawks lost tackle machine K.J. Wright to a concussion early in the first quarter of Sunday's 30-20 win over the Minnesota Vikings.