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Frozen Grounds: The Nearly-Invisible Defensemen

The defensemen, while a key position in hockey, are often overlooked. Unless they can score goals, of course.

Frozen Grounds: About those forwards....

Hockey teams are divvied up into three categories: forwards, defense, and goaltending. Let's start with the forwards.

Frozen Grounds: Explaining some NHL terminology

Hockey is actually a pretty simple game, once you get used to it. But there are still some terms that are a bit unusual that aren't so easy to figure out.

Frozen Grounds: Fighting in the NHL

Fighting in hockey is part of its appeal to some - and also a turnoff to others. However, it's been a part of the game since it started.

Frozen Grounds: Stanley Cup Playoff Traditions

Every sports league has its playoff traditions - things they do, what they wear, et cetera. Here are some of the NHL's.

Frozen Grounds: How to Watch a Hockey Game

Watching a hockey game is a bit different because of how an ice rink is set up. It's not rocket science, but typical sports logic doesn't always apply, either.

Frozen Grounds: The Best of the Best in the NHL

Depending on what you find important in a sport, the criteria for "who's the best" is subject to opinion. And NHL fans are no different.

Frozen Grounds: Good Teams and Bad Teams in the NHL

If you pick an NHL team to cheer on, don't get too comfortable if they're good right now. Because in five years, chances are decent that they won't be anymore.

How the National Hockey League is Set Up

How any league is set up will play directly into how the playoffs are set up - and playoffs are what a sport is all about. So here's how the NHL does it.

Frozen Grounds: An Introduction and a Purpose

Introducing Frozen Grounds; a column where the non-hockey fan in Seattle can see what the NHL is about.