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Frozen Grounds: A Brief History Of Professional Hockey In Puget Sound

Professional hockey has been in the Puget Sound region for much longer than most people realize. Here's a brief rundown on the team names, leagues, and dates.

Frozen Grounds: The Seattle Thunderbirds, The Everett Silvertips, And The NHL

The two hockey teams in Seattle & Everett are not a part of a professional league, but they do help provide players for the NHL - to draft, that is.

Frozen Grounds: Where to Get Your NHL News

While the bulk of the teams in the NHL resides on American soil, ESPN's SportsCenter is not a good show to turn to for NHL news. Here are some alternatives.

Frozen Grounds: The NHL Offseason

The NHL playoffs may be over, and the Stanley Cup won, but hockey isn't quite ready to close its doors, melt down the ice, and take it's summer break in earnest.

Frozen Grounds: The Lesson of the Winnipeg Jets

Sports fans in Seattle may be getting excited at the prospect of getting the Sonics "back". But in truth, they'll never get the actual Sonics franchise back. Just ask hockey fans in Winnipeg.

Frozen Grounds: Where the Hockey Players Come From

Many, many more countries than those listed here have hockey programs, but here are where the NHL players come from.

Frozen Grounds: The Greatest Trophy in All of Team Sports

It isn't just a conceit of NHL fans. The Stanley Cup really is the greatest trophy in all of team sports. And here's why.

Frozen Grounds: The NHL's Topic of the Day

The CBC has announced programming, aimed at women who aren't sports fan, to be broadcasted opposite the Stanley Cup Final games. And the nature of this programming has some hockey fans very upset.

Frozen Grounds: An Ongoing Guide to the NHL - The Trophies & Awards

Finalists for the NHL regular season awards have been announced. Here descriptions of some of the awards.

Frozen Grounds: Hockey Goalies Really Are Crazy

Goaltending in the NHL is both a premier position and the worst place to play ever.