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Stuck in a never-ending NHL limbo

While the NHL and the NHLPA keep going around and around, fans are wondering if there's a point.

Frozen Grounds: The NHL / NHLPA PR War

For NHL fans, this past week was very much up and down emotionally.

Frozen Grounds: NHL team rumored for sale

The Edmonton Oilers owner visited Seattle last week to gain some leverage in regards to a new arena in his town, but the New York Islanders may be a team actually on the move.

Frozen Grounds: Week One Of The NHL Lockout

The 2012 NHL lockout is at the end of its first week, with preseason games having already been canceled. No progress has been made since it started, and players are already signing with teams in Europe.

Frozen Grounds: The NHL Lockout Is Coming

There has been much speculation as to whether or not the NHL will lockout its players, but at this point, it looks like a done deal.

Frozen Grounds: Hockey Fans Are A Unique Breed

All sports fans have their quirks, depending on the sport, but hockey fans are a family.

Where NHLers Will Go If There's A Long Lockout

Europe isn't just a popular destination for vacations. It's also a popular destination for out-of-work NHLers looking to play during a long lockout.

Frozen Grounds: The Current State Of The NHL's Labor Negotiations

The NHL/NHLPA rhetoric is in full swing, but there are some hopeful signs to this labor negotiation.

Frozen Grounds: The NHL May Be Heading For A Lockout - Again

Despite losing a season to a lockout eight years ago, the NHL may be heading that way again. There's still time for things to be worked out, however.

Frozen Grounds: How Seattle Fits Into The NHL

A number of things will affect Seattle if or when they get an NHL team.