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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Seahawks to add weapon for Russell Wilson?

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Could the Seattle Seahawks add another weapon for the developing Russell Wilson in the 2013 NFL Draft?


Super Bowl XLVII has been wrapped up and now the wait for next season truly begins for all 32 teams in the NFL. Free agency is in March, and then the NFL Draft is the highlight of April, with the Scouting Combine coming later on this month.

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What better time to release a mock draft than right after the Super Bowl? We've seen all we need to see from all teams, considering all of the games have now been played. The Seattle Seahawks have been out for awhile, having been eliminated in the divisional round of the playoffs by the Atlanta Falcons, so their needs are evident.

Matthew Fairburn of SB Nation released his latest mock draft on Monday, and he has the Seahawks taking Tavon Austin, a wide receiver out of West Virginia.

The Seahawks' passing game is just waiting to break out. With the emergence of Russell Wilson, the Seahawks need to continue to surround their young quarterback with weapons. Tavon Austin would be the ultimate weapon and make this offense a handful for defenses.

Seattle certainly doesn't have a huge need at the wide receiver position, but Austin might fit the "best player available" label at this point in the draft, as well. It's true that Wilson came along at a very quick rate this season, and with the Seahawks finally contending in the NFC West again, they could certainly do some damage to the Super Bowl-losing San Francisco 49ers with a weapon like Austin.