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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Seahawks could go after pass rushing help

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Could the Seattle Seahawks go after pass rushing help in the 2013 NFL Draft?


The Seattle Seahawks are out of the playoffs, and like 29 other teams, will have to watch the Super Bowl from their respective homes. The primary focus for them going forward is free agency in March and the 2013 NFL Draft in April.

They came a long way in just one season, with their defense showing itself as elite and rookie quarterback Russell Wilson being the catalyst for offensive success. They'll look to make it two straight productive drafts in a row.

Matthew Fairburn of SB Nation released his latest mock draft on Monday, and he has the Seahawks making something of a luxury pick, taking Ezekiel Ansah, the defensive end out of BYU.

This is very much a luxury, best player available choice for the Seahawks. At worst, this would be insurance if Chris Clemons is slow to recover from knee surgery. Otherwise, Ezekiel Ansah could be a terrific pass rush piece up front playing end in four-man fronts. It would also allow Seattle to use Bruce Irvin at linebacker, if they wanted.

While it is a "luxury" pick, it does fit the best player available criteria and it could fill a need for Seattle. Down the stretch, one of the biggest issues for the team was a complete lack of pass rush. They failed to get to the quarterback, especially in the playoffs, and it hurt them big time.

Ansah, even with a healthy Clemons, would improve the pass rushing ability of the team by a good margin. The pick simply makes sense.