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Seahawks Vs. Cardinals: Russell Wilson Gets Limited Playbook For First Start

The Seattle Seahawks plan to streamline their playbook this week to specific plays geared toward the Arizona Cardinals, something that should help rookie quarterback Russell Wilson in his first-ever NFL start, according to a report in The News Tribune.

Without the entire playbook at his disposal, Wilson should benefit, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said.

"Obviously he doesn't have the whole playbook at his disposal," Bevell told The News Tribune. "There's specific things that we're trying to do this week. So in how we handle them in kind of dialed down a little bit. There's some little more specific things for him.

"I definitely think it helps. He can't get just any call out of the playbook. Now these are the selected ones that we've said we've liked to go with. And they're all plays that he can execute, and all plays that we've done at some point somehow during the preseason, because we need to put him in a position to be successful."

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