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NFL Power Rankings: Thoughts On Seahawks Vary

Entering their Week 1 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, thoughts on just how good the Seattle Seahawks will be this season vary depending on who you ask. With Week 1 power rankings out from most major media outlets, the Seahawks are ranked as low as 20th and as high as 12th by CBSSports, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated.

The Seahawks are ranked the highest by Sports Illustrated, which places them as the league's 12th-best team, just below the Denver Broncos and one spot ahead of the Detroit Lions.

"Preseason results can be entirely meaningless, but I don't think that's the case with Seattle's 4-0 August," SI's Don Banks wrote. "The Seahawks created some good mojo in their favor last month and there will be a carryover effect. Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson makes the offense much more explosive, and Seattle's talented young defense is ready to emerge as one of the best in the league at taking the ball away."

Seattle's lowest ranking comes from and ESPN, both of which put the Seahawks at No. 20.

"They will start rookie Russell Wilson, which could be a boom-or-bust move," Pete Prisco of CBSSports wrote. "If it hits, they will push for the division title."

Lastly, ranks the Seahawks as the league's 15th-best team, one-spot below the Cincinnati Bengals and right above the Dallas Cowboys.

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