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NFL Power Rankings: NFP Has Seattle At #18 In NFL

The Seattle Seahawks are starting to become a most interesting pick around the league to make noise this season. But to start off the year they are still ranked below many other teams in the general NFL power rankings.

The Seahawks manage to get an 18th ranking at the National Football Post, as teams are looking to see what Russell Wilson is capable of. That isn't quite so bad compared to some of the other teams in the NFC West: The Arizona Cardinals are 27th due to their lack of stability at the quarterback position. The St. Louis Rams are even worse, stuck at 29th despite the arrival of new head coach Jeff Fisher.

If the Seahawks are expected to win the division though, they have a tall task ahead of them. Standing on top of the NFC West is the San Francisco 49ers, and the initial power rankings of NFP have them ranked 6th overall. It'll take some monumental efforts to displace them.

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