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Fantasy Football 2012: Keep An Eye On Sidney Rice

Sidney Rice enters the 2012 season as the third-best Seattle Seahawks wide receiver for fantasy teams, behind Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate.

Much of that has to do with the offseason and the crowded additions the Seahawks made to the receiving corps. The addition of Braylon Edwards is likely to take away some targets and playing time from Rice and his injury concerns make him a tough pick to put out there.

Rice has only played in 15 games over the past two seasons, one with the Minnesota Vikings and one with the Seahawks, and playing time consistency is often the key to a championship.

But if anything will help Rice's fantasy case this year it is the placement of the dynamic quarterback in Russell Wilson. Rice topped 80 passes and 1300 receiving yards in 2009, his last full season, and he is without a doubt one of the strongest receivers with the greatest vertical threat on the Seahawks team - the caveat being when healthy of course.

Rice has said he has felt good all preseason, so his stock will be one to monitor. He will go drafted in most leagues, but could possibly be a sneaky buy-low candidate in the early weeks, especially if Wilson puts up serviceable fantasy numbers at quarterback.

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